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This FAQ page will be updated as needed.

-Is this club only for TRANSFORMER fembots?
YES. Only TF or female robots from the TF world(s).

-Are photos of COSPLAY allowed ?

-Are photos of girls COSPLAYING as BOY TFs allowed?
YES, but that’s a tricky question.  For example, these girls are wearing “inspired by” cosplay ->… . They are girls dress as the boy characters. Submissions of this kind will be handled on an individual bases.

-Can we submit OLD WORK?

-Can we submit works we have already submitted to OTHER CLUBS?
YES, but just so we don’t have too many copies of the same art floating around DA, I say try to avoid it.

-Can we submit HUMAN characters?
YES and NO. Back in G1 there were characters called “ Pretenders” that were robots with suits that made them look human, "Headmasters" that were Cyborgs, and in TFA we were introduce to “Tecno-Organic “(Sari Sumdac). Characters like these are fine, but plain humans are not.

-Is “Humanization” (turning a TF character into a human) okay?
NO. To avoid having the Club be overrun with drawings of humans, we will not accept drawings of a TF character, original or fane-made, simple made into a human (or to be more precise; No organic forms of TFs are allow).

- Is GENDER-BENDING allowed?

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